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Current Waiting Times

Updated 5th November 2019 :

 I have one spare week left for taking orders before I go on my xmas break, so let me know asap if you require anything before xmas/new year. 

Please note that I will be off on my seasonal holidays from 20th Dec , and my next available date for taking orders  is currently 13th Jan 2020.

 The usual waiting time is around 6 weeks from confirmation of order. Please give me a shout if you'd like to book time,,,

 An order is considered confirmed once payment is received. I can normally start in on an order within 6 weeks of payment being received. On very small orders - for instance, under 5 x 7"s or just a one-off 12" - I may well be able to fit them in between other larger orders and do them sooner, though this does very much depend on schedules and circumstances.

 If you contact me for a rough estimate of starting time for an order, I can only keep to this estimate for a few days, unless payment is received.  I am taking new bookings every day, and payment is the only way to fix a guaranteed time slot.