Current Waiting Times

Updated 13th November 2018 :

Current waiting time is around 4 weeks from confirmation of order.

PLEASE NOTE : I am away from 14th Nov until 20th Nov, so won't be answering any emails. I'm also having a festive break from 19th December 2018 through to 3rd January 2019. If you require an order before Christmas, I'd suggest getting in contact very soon as available time is running short !

 An order is considered confirmed once payment is received. Typically, I can start in on an order within 4 weeks of payment being received. On very small orders - for instance, under 5 x 7"s or just a one-off 12" - I may well be able to fit them in between other larger orders and do them sooner, though this does very much depend on schedules and circumstances.

Give me a shout, and I can let you know the exact situation.