21,826 discs successfully cut so far...and counting !!


I cut sound onto discs which you can play on a record player. As few as one single copy, as many as one hundred.

3.45RPM Lathe Cutting Service


The "Grab Interest" Section.


3.45RPM is a quality record lathe cutting service, specialising in editions of 1 to 100 x 7", or 1 to 50 x 12" (or 5". Or 8". Or 10 "...) with each and every disc individually and expertly hand cut. It's functional art, highbrow entertainment, and impressive looking on your musical CV all in one go. Once you have it, it's yours for life.

So send in your sounds, and see them magically transferred to the living format of vinyl. 3.45RPM usually cuts direct from CD's or WAV files though is also able to work from other digital file types (such as Mp3), DAT, and can even go from good old cassette tape. Or even vinyl, would you believe.


The "Generate Excitement" Section


3.45RPM aims to provide a small run service for small bands and small labels, though one-offs and personal/private orders are very welcome. Larger orders just aren't feasible I'm afraid, neither in terms of time taken to process or price charged. If you require 100+ of anything it is cheaper to have them pressed at a pressing plant and probably faster too, despite the ever growing waiting times involved in vinyl manufacturing !

The quality of product offered here is of a high grade standard, in relative lathe cutting terms. Hard wearing and durable plastic is used that equals "normal" vinyl in terms of longevity and general playability, be you a DJ, at a friends house, or just wanting a cool listening experience in the comfort of your own home. The sound from a 3.45RPM lathe cut will never match an Abbey Road mastered Hayes Middlesex pressed disc, but should easily meet the requirements of all but the most picky and perfectionist audiophile. If you are one of these people, then please consider looking elsewhere for your product !! 

This is not a genre specific site, and I am willing and able to cut any form of sound required from Spoken Word to Thrash to Classical to Pop to Gabba and so on. Just don't ask for any racist, homophobic or nasty nonsense, as it won't happen.


The "Pros & Cons" Section


As each disc is hand cut in real time it's a time consuming business, and because of this we do not offer runs of more than 100 copies of 7"s, or 50 copies of LP's (10+ mins per side recording time on a 12"). 3.45RPM will endeavour to process and complete each order as fast as possible, though please do check first what the expected waiting time will be. Be aware that an order of 50 LP's may take a month from the first available manufacturing date to complete, where as an order of, say, 5 x 7" singles could well be done and dusted in 24hrs. Again though, this depends on available spare dates.

3.45RPM has recently expanded the variety of sizes it can offer (see "Pricing" for more details) though if you're after a certain format not mentioned then please do give me a shout and I'll see what's possible.


Before ordering, do consider the pros and cons of having your sounds converted to record. If you're happy with your digital audio, do bear in mind that having it cut to record will not specifically "improve" the sound, but will certainly alter it. Vinyl has it's limitations, as does the set up I use, and the service that 3.45RPM offers is not one of exact replication of digital to analogue. This is a cheerful and comparatively cheap way of acquiring something that fits nicely into your record rack and can be played and enjoyed time and again... BUT 3.45RPM in no way claims to be able to match the levels of the major manufacturing plants around the world. That's big business, and they've got the topmost gear, and I'm gonna need another quarter of a million pounds (GBP) in the bank to even start thinking about that.

 And then it's going to cost you eight times as much.